New FB app, Newsletter Benchmarks, and Pinterest Stats

Time to spill the social media tea

We’re keeping an eye on social media news updates — especially those that may pertain to small businesses. Our clients deserve to have a peek into what is coming, what’s arrived and how THEY can stay on top of their game.

Here are three things that caught our eye this month.

Facebook Creator Studio App

Have you taken advantage of Facebook Creator Studio yet!? If not…you totally should. It will help you write content in advance, keep all of your details in one place, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audience. We love it because it’s intuitive and userfriendly. ANNND they now have an app. We approve.

Newsletter Benchmarks

Wondering if your newsletter is actually reaching global benchmarks? Here’s a good little infographic and article that we found useful. Also some good reading for some smile-at-your-computer-worthy NZ > AUS commentary.

Keep An Eye On Pinterest

Small businesses could start to keep an eye on Pinterest. International Pinterest marketing spend is up 51% and users are up 26%. Now that they have launched a new app “Pinterest Lite”, this could also increase digital usage.