Calm in the Face of A Crisis

Hmmmmm well, we didn’t see a global pandemic coming. 

Granted, ya’ll would have looked at us like we were nuts if we focussed on that topic when we wrote this Crisis Communications blog piece a few months ago. 

Even though this situation is more than simply responding to a negative comment online, many of our recommendations remain the same but we would add a few tips.

1. Be empathetic - not dramatic.

Be a cool calm voice in the midst of the chaos. People are feeling and reading a lot of scared at the moment. Recognise their emotions, and respond accordingly.

However, before you post, try this. Walkaway. Breathe. Think. Come back and respond calmly. You need to listen, think, respond and learn. Be empathetic to your customer. How are THEY feeling right now and what is the appropriate response?

2. Something is better than nothing.

It may feel easier to simply say nothing, there is a time for everything and silence is usually not the best option. Even if you have a neutral holding message until you are ready to share more. Something like, “We know the world feels a little chaotic at the moment but we feel for those who are affected. Know that we are currently operating business as usual but will continue to keep you posted if anything changes.”

3. Stay on brand and get creative

If your brand’s tone of voice is humour, then use it and share a funny meme or two. If it isn’t - don’t.

Rather than letting our emotions run wild, it’s easier to respond when we have a strategy, a map, a plan in place. This also brings your whole team onto the same page when it comes to the way in which your company will respond.

Ask yourself, “How can my company help in the midst of this?” There has never been a better time to have a digital presence, so use it, get creative, and offer something unique!

Wondering what this could look like for you? Chelsea has set aside $15 20-minute blocks to call, discuss your strategy, and brainstorm what your social media looks like from here. You bring the problem. We are loving helping our clients come up with creative ways to shine bright in the midst of this fog.