Instagram to the Small Business Rescue and Other News

The internet is full of Social Media News. We try to choose the articles that will actually matter to our community and share them in a quick bite size pieces. You have enough on your plate. So here’s the latest….

Need Something to Pass Lockdown Time That Will Engage your Brain?

Nigel Latta recently called LinkedIN the grown up version of social media. He says, “There's actual content... and no one yells... and the general tone is one of support and positive engagement.” It’s also a great place to learn. LinkedIn now makes learning courses available while working from home. So, have you always wanted to learn something new or step up your LinkedIN game? Check it out!

Thinking of using YouTube for your small business?

As the 2nd most visited website in the world, that’s not a bad idea. It’s also one of the top used by farmers, so if you are in the Primary Industries, it’s actually a smart idea. Here’s a SUPER easy to read infographic with the top Youube statistics in 2020 to help you understand this platform a little more.

Are you a small business negatively affected by Covid-19?

Will any of this help? Thanks for reading friend, we hope it will help you become one step closer to a social media ninja. If you happen catch a helpful juicy piece of Social Media News before we do, please send it our way! We want to make sure we put good stuff out for others to use as well. Have a good day!