How do I connect with others on social media?!

Intentionally connecting with communities and other brands as a business on social media is known as Community Management.

In 2019 we restructured the entire Grass Roots Media team to create an role dedicated to Community Management, because we believe it is an essential, often overlooked, part of social media strategy.

Anna seamlessly moved from “Super Admin” to our “Community Chatter” - a community management role. She has blown us all out of the water. Our clients’ content is more engaging, conversations are flowing, and connections are being made all around.

Here’s what she has to say about her role.

Anna, what is this role? How do you describe ‘community management’?

Community management is really just the social part of social networking.

While our Content Chick, Trista, works to create content as a foundation for potential relationships, I am working to actively establish them.

It’s my role to cruise around in the background, visit other pages, leave comments, offer a virtual handshake, start conversations, and introduce the brand. From there I work to foster relationships, applaud others good work, promote industry good and more.

Additionally, my role includes timely response to anyone who does choose to connect on our home pages. Sometimes this means putting out fires but most of the time it’s fun.

I believe community management helps the brand come alive.

Any top tips?

Ohhh I have so many little hacks and tips. Here are two to get you started.

First of all, know where to find your newsfeed and follow other brands.

Second, write out 5 hashtags on a post it note and put it on your computer. Take some time over a month to follow them, seek out the conversation that is happening around them, and, if they are a good fit, use those same hashtags in your content.

{Want to know more about hashtags? Join this free webinar with Anna on August 19 at 12:15}

Anna, how much time do you spend on community management per week per client?

Some weeks are more than others.

On average, it’s 10-20 minutes per client, per day of focussed attention. Of course, there is always something that pops up during my general “scroll” time and I choose to engage on the spot.

However, this concentrated attention often increases depending on clients needs and purposes. For example, during Fieldays or a conference, I will spend more time watching and engaging within their digital space.

So, what’s your favourite part of your job?

I LOVE it when people actually reply and engage back with me. Otherwise it feels a little bit like I am left hanging and the conversation literally feels stilted. Like an awkward one-handed high five.

I also love it when there are comments to engage with on our (or our clients) own home content. I enjoy the challenge of trying to ask open ended questions or commentary to encourage the conversation to carry on.

Does everyone need to have a specific “Community Chatter” role if they have social media accounts?

No - but I do think that everyone needs to set aside TIME to concentrate on contributing to your own community conversations. It doesn’t have to be much. Seriously. 5-10 minutes a day, at least.

In the middle of all of your scrolling - who does it well?

I like seeing what TracMap and Our Water Care Journey are doing. I also really like how Chelsea Winter and Annabelle Langbein engage with their audience. {I will never forget when Annabelle commented on one of my baking adventures}

Anything else you would like to say?

More than my job, I really would love to connect with you. Tag or DM @grassrootsmedia (FB) @grassroots_media (insta) and let’s chat!

Thanks Anna! We love your work and so do our clients. 

If you would like some DIY Community Management coaching from Anna herself, we have a couple spots left for Hashtag Webinar next week! Sign up here.


Anna is a passionate member of the rural community. She is not only our Community Chatter but super Mum to Isabelle and older brother Jonty, as well as loving wife to Jon.

Anna grew up on sheep and beef farm at the top of the South Island, and in later years in the Wairarapa. She loves making the most of every opportunity, which allows her to swap her city shoes for boots and get back out into the country. Adding to our team of photographers, Anna also loves getting her camera out to capture those special moments.

In her spare time Anna can be found racing around the netball court, indulging in great wine and food, and spending time with her family.