Handles and Hashtags

We've got the social know-how and tools to help you.

As a boutique consultancy business, we aim to have a holistic approach in developing and executing social media strategies for businesses who don't have the resources or capabilities to do it themselves.

We spend the time to get to know your business, your objectives and most importantly your audience so we can deliver results.

We offer three packages; Connect, Curate and Communicate.



Our connect package empowers you to have the independence you want to be able to manage your own social media presence but with the support from a 'guru' when you need one.

We will help you develop your strategy and set up your social media accounts so you can seamlessly manage it in house.


The fabulous thing about team work is being able to utilise individuals strengths. It's our job to know how to deliver social media marketing results allowing you to get on with delivering yours!

We can do all the thistle grubbing, (manage your social presence) so all you see is greener pastures.

Curate content with our team.


We hate wastage, and we're sure you do too. Why put your effort into marketing which doesn't reach the right audience?

Sometimes it can be really hard to pull together the right content for the right customer but we've got some know-how in this area. Let our consultants help you communicate directly with your target customer.

Communicate with us today.