6 Tips for Efficient Blogging

Small changes to your blogging methods can produce significant results!

Here are 6 simple tips to get you started:


Your headlines

Are your titles the difference between a click through or a scroll on? There are a few different ways to check out whether your blog title is a win or not. These are WordPress based but you get the idea. Get creative ooor perhaps not quite THAT creative...


Sign-up forms

To get the best return on investment, add a newsletter sign-up form to your best work, or any really! If they love it, they'll sign up - easy!


Create some hype

Before you publish an article, get some talk going in the days prior. Create some hype, use call-to-actions to find out what your audience specifically wants to hear and know.


Understand your peak times

Get into your analytics and easily see what days are the most popular and what time of the day your content gets the most engagement. Here's a tip, it's usually at either end of the day...


Get it out there

Post away, across each platform. Try four pushes on Twitter and one to two each on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - over a few days if you must. Tag in people and websites you've talked about and share it in the appropriate places.


Link between content

Would you like to increase website traffic, page clicks and bounce rates? Add clickable links into your blog content directing readers to other parts of information weaved into your website.


Short, simple and totally doable, right?


Go forth and thrive

- Chanelle